Gemma Acevedo
September 2015
Labor & Delivery
Whittier Hospital Medical Center
United States




Words cannot begin to express my gratitude. You lovingly and compassionately cared for me during the hardest days of my life. When I found out that my son was not going to make it, my heart broke. I didn't know how I would have the strength to go through labor and hold my baby in my arms. Then God sent me an angel - you. I now know that God sent you to give me strength when I had none. To push me. To keep me going, and to comfort and care for me as I gave my son back to God. You went above and beyond your duties and I am forever thankful for you. My grief is paralyzing, but you were the sign I needed that God was looking over me and my son. My baby is one of His angels and I know he is happy and at peace. The box you made for me along with the memories I keep in my heart are the only things I have left to remember him. I will cherish them always and his life will always be celebrated. I will never forget you and it makes me happy to know that other women like me will have an angel like you to guide them and care for them. Thank you Gemma, for everything.