Gentry Cruze
May 2021
Targeted Drug Delivery
Pentec Health




Gentry, in 5:30 pm rush hour traffic, drove over 30-miles from that dangerous area in Fort Worth to come to our home to adjust my pain pump!
Hello, I'm not sure if you will get this message, but I feel compelled to at least give it a try, that's how blessed and encouraged I am to have your Gentry Cruze as my intrathecal pump refill nurse! Let me elaborate: I am 61 years old and have had chronic back pain for 2/3 of my life and 'had' been on a 17-year regime of oral pain medication running the gamut from hydrocodone to Dilaudid to Oxycodone to Fentanyl to Morphine Sulfate to name several that I’ve been prescribed. As a last resort after enduring a poor quality of life that goes with long-term opioid use (addiction) and already having had a numeral stimulator implanted on my right side 3-years ago, I had an intrathecal pain pump implanted on my left flank.

After all that I've dealt with, I'm very pleased to tell you that your employee Gentry Cruze in the North Dallas area has fanned the flames of my hope that had been quite low for a long time. Why, what did he do you ask? Well, Gentry went the "two miles" with me today by going above and beyond what could remotely be expected of a health professional under the circumstances.

The weather in Dallas turned very dicey Wednesday night with freezing temperatures and sleet and ice. These conditions caused my doctor to cancel today's afternoon appointment I had until sometime next week causing me much frustration since my pain levels are still quite elevated. Let's just say that I'm still not getting much if any relief after two adjustments since the pump was implanted. Anyway, I mentioned that the DFW area was covered Thursday with a layer of ice which made driving very hazardous, but so much so that there was a 133-vehicle accident this morning in Fort Worth that left 6 dead and dozens injured.

With everything that was working against me, I must admit that I was feeling depressed that this pain was never going to go away. But then I didn't realize what type of employee you have in Gentry Cruze! Gentry contacted my doctor on my behalf to get instructions as to how he wanted the pump adjusted and then in 5:30 pm rush hour traffic he drove over 30-miles from that dangerous area in Fort Worth to come to our home to adjust my pain pump! I couldn't be more thankful for a health care provider like Gentry; he is definitely one of a kind and Pentec has a great caring nurse in him! Thank you for taking the time to read my note. Congratulations on having great people to care for patients!