Hannah Abukurah
March 2015
Family Centered Care
Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




We had absolutely first class service here at Kaiser West LA Delivery and Labor departments. Everyone here from doctor to nurse, from food service to room cleaners. Staff is so helpful, thoughtful and warm-hearted. We felt right at home and everyone is part of our family. We had experienced the unprecedented service. We especially want to thank Hanna for her family oriented, extremely detailed and five-star excellent service. Hanna explained every single instruction, procedure, item and device with complete thoroughness. She made sure we are absolutely clear about everything we need. She always shows up first time when we needed help. We absolutely love her and appreciate all her kindness and care.
Hanna was a pro at swaddling, burping, changing and otherwise caring for the baby while I was recovering. She also served as a great advocate for me with the physician staff! Thank you so much!
Hanna, we want to let you know that we loved and appreciated your excellent service. Your dedication and attentiveness meant a lot to us. Thank you for making us laugh and making our day. Please know that your efforts did not go unnoticed. God bless you in everything you do always.