May 2016
Short Stay Rehabilitation Unit
Lebanon VA Medical Center
United States




My husband J and I were at a scheduled appointment on Friday, April 15. As we were checking out I noticed the application for the DAISY award. As I read the criteria, I immediately thought of Harry Accor. Standing there I could hear him laughing about receiving this award because of the name "DAISY". We all know he has that real "Grizzly Bear, Tough Guy" image, he has to live up to! Truly he's just an overgrown "Teddy Bear".
My husband was a patient for extended periods of time in the past year. Harry was his favorite from day one. My husband is 70 and has been fighting a very hard battle with cancer complicated with mastoiditis and meningitis for over two years - he would not be as well as he is today without Harry. He "harassed" J when J wanted to just lay in bed (in the most loving respectful way) until J got up which is exactly what J needed. He noticed that at one point J wasn't eating so well. He would sit with J at meal times and bullshit just so J would eat more. When J was in therapy and he was on duty the therapy didn't end when he came back up to the unit. Oh no, no, no. When he was on duty he would take J to the nurse's station and make him exercise more. There were times J's health would deteriorate and Harry was always there to give me the heads-up and explain things the way I could understand. He has a sixth sense about J.
Several times he would pull me into an unoccupied room and ask ME how I was doing. I cried on his shoulder several times during our ordeal. I would not even have to speak about my troubles or fears; he knew and was there for me too. When my grandchildren visited he was the entertainment, the "ice-cream man", whatever he could do to get a smile and giggle out of them. I could count on him to give me the "low down" when things were happening and I didn't quite understand. Several times we stood in the parking lot talking long after I left the unit.
Harry gave his all to every single patient and family member he came in contact with. The VA should be proud and honored to have had him as an employee. And every Veteran and family member he came in contact with was truly blessed to have known such a true HERO, even long after his service to our country. I've met many wonderful nurses at the VA but he will be in my heart forever. Harry Accor is the DAISY AWARD.
Harry consistently honored and respected Veterans and their families by always going out of his way to assure needs were taken care of. He fought for their voice to be heard so they were treated fairly and with the highest quality of care. Veterans were able to relate to him and trusted him with their lives and he always kept them safe.
He took care of my dad during the last 3 months of his life. I have never seen more respect and commitment shown by him not only to my father but to my mother and brothers as well. He was a Godsend. His compassion towards my dad was incredible. He always took the time to share with my family how dad's day went.
Harry is an exceptional human being and a brother in arms. He would take time out to listen to anyone and that was probably the best medication they could ever receive.