Heba Abazid
December 2018
Internal Medicine
Henry Ford Hospital
United States




During my last clinical of nursing school and having Heba as my preceptor was a blessing for me. I honestly have to say that she taught me in this last month and a half more than what I learned in nursing school the last 3 years! Heba views each patient as an individual who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. She demonstrated exceptional communication skills with me, patients, families, and physicians. She is a great advocate for all of our patients and was a voice for the voiceless patients when they could not speak for themselves during their toughest battles. Heba is trustworthy, professional, dedicated to this profession, compassionate to families and communities and a great role model; especially when we had five patients and she was the charge nurse. With Heba as my role model and preceptor, I feel more confident in transitioning from a student to a Registered Nurse. Heba represents traits as a professional nurse that every nurse should have. With this, she is a superhero nurse because we saved a life! (p.s. that was one of the scariest scenes I came across as a student!)