Hina Ahmed
May 2021
Acute Care - Medicine (Adult)
Loma Linda University Medical Center
Loma Linda
United States




Hina bought her red nail polish for the holidays and polished her nails.
I am so grateful that Hina was my mom’s nurse when my mom was admitted for COVID. Before COVID, my mom was healthy and independent so it was such a shock and hard for me and my family when my mom had to drive herself to the hospital and then was admitted. Unfortunately, my mom was not doing well after being in the hospital for a few days. Hina was her nurse and would always update me on my mom’s status, taking the time to always answer my calls and listen to my concerns. Despite everything the doctors and nurses were doing, my mom still was getting even sicker so I had to make the hard decision to put her on comfort care.

Hina noticed that my mom was someone who really liked anything related to beauty and fashion. My mom loved going to get her hair done and getting her nails done. Hina noticed this and as my mom was getting closer to going to heaven, she saw that my mom’s nail polish was chipped very badly. Hina bought her red nail polish for the holidays and polished her nails so that when my mom did pass, she would have good-looking nails which were important to my mom. This meant a lot to me because I do not know of anyone who would do something like that for a complete stranger who had COVID. She also promised me that my mom would not pass alone and she kept her promise. I am very happy that my mom passed with good care that she got at Loma Linda thanks to Hina.