Hina Ahmed
December 2021
12A Medical Progressive Care
Loma Linda University Medical Center
Loma Linda
United States




It shows that she truly cared about us and wanted to help.
Hina was my mom’s nurse when my mom and I were in the hospital together. I wanted to be in the same room as my mom but for some reason the hospital was not able to put us in the same room which was disappointing. My mom mentioned to Hina that she really wanted to see me personally and not through video. When we mentioned it to other nurses, they said that it was not possible and that we could only do Zoom calls which is not the same. Hina took the time to ask her boss if we could visit each other and because of that we were able to! It is what we needed to get better from COVID just seeing each other to give us support. We really appreciated the time she took and not just straight out saying no that wasn’t possible. It shows that she truly cared about us and wanted to help.

My mom was also always cold, and the hospital blankets were not comforting to my mom. Hina bought her a fleece blanket with fuzzy socks and a neck wrap! Also, my mom is a picky eater and did not like what the hospital was giving her so Hina took the time to listen to what my mom likes and went to the cafeteria and got it for my mom herself. I really think Hina helped my mom recover from COVID in a positive way and we are truly grateful to her. I wish all nurses were like that or just people who are caring and it shows.

Note: This is Hina's 2nd DAISY Award!