Imad Abdalkader Abo-Helal
March 2022
Imad Abdalkader
Ambulatory Adult Outpatient Services
King Hussein Cancer Center




Imad is a role model and a mentor to staff. He has motivated his team on a daily basis to do their best work.
Imad has been part of the King Hussein Cancer Center family for 21 years; he is a senior nurse manager of the Ambulatory Adult Outpatient Clinics. He has continued commitment to excellence in delivering nursing services, promoting quality, and supporting nursing professional practice. He makes sure that he listens to the nurse’s requests and tries to find a way to solve the issues. He is supportive, cooperative, flexible, and calm even during challenging situations. He is a strong patient advocate and team player known for assisting patients, family members, and other colleagues. He is a great communicator, visible to patients and their families, and entrusted to them.

Imad helps play a vital role as a clinical nurse manager covering all adult surgical and medical outpatient clinics extending to the early detection and adult chemotherapy units. His attendance to minor details is genuinely evident. He makes the most challenging situations seem fixable. He takes time out of his busy schedule to settle any concerns that may arise. He has created a positive work environment of trust, collaboration, and respect, allowing nurses and other healthcare providers to successfully work together as a multidisciplinary team to provide the best care for their patients and families.

Imad is a role model and a mentor to staff. He has motivated his team on a daily basis to do their best work. He has encouraged his staff to provide their feedback and come up with possible solutions together as a team. He is passionate about getting nurses involved with new ideas and quality improvement projects. He facilitated many nursing quality projects, and initiatives focused on patient safety and process improvement issues. He also actively participated in one of the quality improvement projects in adult outpatient clinics to implement the “Oncology Nurse Navigator.” Imad is an outstanding nurse leader. He always goes above and beyond expectations. He consistently proves extraordinary patient care.