Ingelis Ahlseen
March 2018
6 East Cardiology
Lancaster General Health
United States




Respect, integrity, compassion, teamwork. Our nurse exemplified respect by always getting close enough to Mother to be successful in her hearing (bilateral hearing aids and even with those she has difficulty hearing) what she would be doing or what medicine she was giving her. Ingelis showed compassion and communication with me as we wrapped a pillowcase around my mother's arm to protect her bruised skin (long term steroid has left her with easy bruising that is exasperated by all that goes on in the hospital). Ingelis wrote a note on my mother's door to use the pillowcase and conveyed that same information to her handoff nurses. This gave my mother less anxiety to know that she wouldn't hurt as much. Ingelis started doing manual blood pressures as well to help with the pain in my mother's arms. And then, if caring for my mother wasn't enough, she listened to what I had to say and the knowledge that I have about my mother's health and we worked together. Ingelis responded quickly and got my Mother what she needed. She was a great support to me at a time when there was a lot of stress. I too, am a healthcare worker and am completely impressed with Ingelis' ability to care, her knowledge and expertise.
We will always be grateful that she was a part of our lives in such a difficult time. She is extraordinary! She exemplifies all that an institution desires as a nurse!