Jacque Adams
October 2019
Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Baker City
Baker City
United States




This spring my wife needed immediate medical care, her life depended on it. As a 20-year-old USAF medical spec, I could only pray that she would receive it. After the ambulance transported her I was in a panic state and can't recall arriving. I picked up the phone and Jacque's voice sounded reassuring, her greeting was even better, it put me at ease. We were so lucky to have her as my wife's guardian angel. All nurses are angels, but this nurse is special! She was loaded with compassion and confidence. Even when my wife was unconscious, she would talk to her as if they were two friends having a coffee. Baker City and this hospital are so fortunate to have such a dedicated medical staff, everyone pitched in. She saved my wife's life. Little does this nurse know that she saved my life as well. She is our DAISY.