Jennifer Abramczyk
September 2019
Diagnostic Holding
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
West Bloomfield
United States




I recently had an appointment at HFWBH. I needed to get a pseudo joint injection in my lower left side of my back because I have a bilateral fusion of my L5/S1. I only recently found out I had this issue which is known as Bertolotti Syndrome. I was nervous going into the procedure since I've never had this done and my mom was afraid as well. However, Jen was reassuring and caring. She was informing my mom and me of the process from start to finish and assured my mom that she would be right by my side the whole time. My family is new to Henry Ford and we are so impressed with the care we have received. Jen treated us like family and I've never had a nurse like her. She truly demonstrates the Henry Ford motto, "All for You". Jen goes above and beyond to educate patients and their families. Her bright spirit, positive attitude, and loving nature make the patient and family members feel safe and cared for. Thank you!
Jennifer was with me during the entire procedure, caring that I was comfortable and not in pain, advising what to expect next and helping me to move, making sure I stay warm, explaining all discharge procedures. To summarize it she provides "super" extraordinary care and expressing kindness at all times. We are moving to Florida and I will miss all the medical staff and care at the Henry Ford Health System.
Jen was my nurse in the Diagnostic Holding area. She also was the first person from the department to contact me over the phone before my visit. She was very thorough and compassionate when we spoke. The amount of empathy that she gave will always be cherished. Jen was very reassuring. She is a great nurse and an asset to HFHS.
This morning I had a nerve block. Although this was not my first intervention, it was still rather nerve-racking. In the procedure room, Jen was calm and caring. She was particularly kind and held my hand and soothed me during the more painful parts of the procedure. Jennifer is extraordinarily competent, kind and caring. Thank you!
Jen coordinates well with floor staff. She is very friendly and always goes above and beyond to help everyone. Everyone loves working with her co-workers and patients. She brightens up my day every day.