Jennifer Markey

Jennifer Markey

Jennifer Markey, BSN, RN

Children's Mercy Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri
United States
It is a rare occurrence that the same nurse saves a patient's life twice, but I know those parents are forever grateful for Jennifer's nursing skills.

Jennifer Markey has shown many examples of being an outstanding nurse. There are two particular times she went above and beyond for a patient and I believe she shows the characteristics of a DAISY Award caregiver through these stories.

One day near the time of shift change, Jennifer went in to ensure her patient had everything she needed prior to the next shift coming on. This patient, in particular, was one who had been on the unit for quite some time, so Jennifer was familiar with her baseline characteristics. It was at this time when Jennifer went into the patient's room, the patient's mom pointed out that something was off. Jennifer noticed the patient did not have an even smile. She did further assessments to realize the patient was having a stroke. It was through her quick recognition of these symptoms and notification of the team that the patient was immediately sent to the PICU to receive further care.

During this time, the patient's mother went down to the chapel because she was unable to be near her daughter due to the high acuity of the situation and her inability to see her daughter in this state. Jennifer stayed with the patient until her father came to the bedside, at which point she went to be with mom in the chapel. The mother needed Jennifer to give her updates, pray with her, and occasionally go to the PICU to see her daughter for her. Jennifer remained with the parents until midnight, well past her shift, because she knew the parents trusted in her and needed her familiar face there as support and reassurance. This is the first example of Jennifer's outpouring compassion, dedication, and true support for her patients and their families.

A few weeks later, Jennifer was the nurse for the same exact patient when she returned to 4 Sutherland. Jennifer came out of this patient's room and told me she did not have a good feeling about this patient's health status. This patient happened to be on spot checks for her oxygen saturation, so she was not continuously monitored. Jennifer took the initiative to check her oxygen level and it was 63%. This then led her to contact the medical team, respiratory therapist, and parents of the patient who were not there at the time. Through Jennifer's quick recognition of the patient's decompensating status, this patient was again transferred to the PICU.

While I watched over Jennifer's other patients, I heard the patient's mom on the phone with Jennifer say, "I am so glad you are there with her while we make our way to the hospital." To know that a parent trusts you with their child because of your skills and compassion is an outstanding display of gratitude. I have worked here for a few months now and I can confidently say that Jennifer is a nurse I look up to, learn from and aspire to be. She treats all her patients with the utmost respect, dedicated care, and exceptional compassion. It is a rare occurrence that the same nurse saves a patient's life twice, but I know those parents are forever grateful for Jennifer's nursing skills and she should be recognized for her intuitiveness and outpouring empathy.