Jessica Acosta
March 2016
Medical Unit
University Medical Center of El Paso
El Paso
United States




This patient had been previously undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She was one of our success stories, as she had gone into remission. For years we periodically saw our patient when she came as a visitor. This time though, she returned to the Medical Unit once again as a patient. Unfortunately, her cancer had returned.
Our patient remembered that she and Jessica had participated in the Relay for Life last year. Our patient knew this year, she'd be hospitalized for the event and would have to miss it. She told Jessica, "I'm not going to be able to walk this year! You're going to have to walk for me!" Not only was our patient not able to walk at the Relay for Life as a cancer survivor, but she was not able to walk out of the hospital. Sadly, our patient passed away.
Jessica took her request to walk for her at the Relay for Life to heart. So, on a Saturday, after a long shift, Jessica honored our patient's request. Jessica walked those laps in remembrance, admiration, and celebration of our patient and friend. This is an extraordinary action taken by an extraordinary nurse. We take care of our patients, to the very end, and sometimes beyond.

Note: This is Jessica's second DAISY Award!