Jessica Akins
December 2019
Covenant Health
United States




The most often reason I drive from New Mexico to Lubbock is to have high-quality healthcare. I did not understand the value of compassion until my wife's continued nagging forced me to go to the doctor. I am a farmer and truck driver and hate going to the doctor. It always seems to be bad news.
I cannot under exaggerate the amount of nagging that my wife was giving me over the last 2 weeks. I would work on the farm and just be exhausted. I would go into the house and get some rest. I knew something was wrong but didn't want to admit it.
We drove to Lubbock to see the doctor and they said I needed to have a heart cath. The experience was dreadful. I wanted to walk out. I was so upset. Finally, Dr. K arrived and I went into the cath room. I found out I needed open-heart surgery. It was kind of a blur, but everyone started to talk about my heart. I was scared. As I talk about this now, I am crying and know you guys saved my life.
My wife was so nervous, and the nagging only got worse. They took me to the OR, and I remember thinking I am going to die. That's when I met the angels in the ICU that made everything better.
Jessica was wonderful. She personalized my care and made my experience one I will never forget. Yes, she seemed to know and understand everything that the doctors wanted, but also had a way of talking to me and my wife to help us understand what the doctors were saying. She showed compassion and treated me like a family member. I'm not sure that I would be alive today without the hope she gave me. I knew I would be ok when she was around.
As my condition improved, my wife was exhausted. As I said, we are from New Mexico and have few resources. My wife stayed in the hospital with me. She is in a wheelchair and Jessica and the wonderful SICU nurses bathed, dressed, fed and cared for her also. It was like double the work. This is possible because Jessica and her team have double the heart.
I remember my wife coming to help me in the middle of the night because I was going to throw up. Jessica sprang into action! I am telling you she is special! She not only cared for me but also made sure my wife went back to bed to get rest.
This experience was incredibly difficult for us, but Jessica and the team are outstanding! Her healing touch and compassionate care should result in a gold star or something because she is truly amazing and excellent.