Jill Akright
September 2020
Womens Care Unit
Hannibal Regional Hospital
United States




During the stressful time of delivering my baby during the pandemic, my nurse Jill made my time while in labor very comforting. She went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and was as comfortable as I could be. She stepped up and played the role of my second coach that couldn't be present due to circumstances of the virus.
Jill was so helpful when my induction quickly changed to an emergent C-section. She dropped everything she was doing to help us get to the OR quickly and stayed with us throughout the procedure. She stayed late to help in any way she could. Her calmness and helpfulness were appreciated by all. I am thankful to have her as a coworker!
Jill recently took care of one of my post-op GYN patients. The patient returned for post-op visit today. She was incredibly touched Jill's hard work, dedication and heart. She took excellent care of her after surgery, and went above and beyond for her. The patient did not have her wallet on her but needed post-op medications. Jill took her prescriptions to the pharmacy and paid for them with her own money. The patient was in tears as she told me this. It meant the world to her. The patient paid her back at the time of her discharge but in the time between she felt well taken care of. This type of heart and dedication to service is well beyond the normal expectation for our patients.