Joy Acker
January 2018
Case Management
Banner Boswell Medical Center
Sun City
United States




I am one of those lucky people who never had any serious health concerns. That is until the night I walked my dog up to the corner and then wondered how the hell I was going to get back home because of chest pain. A short time later I was in the Banner Hospital Emergency room. After evaluation it was recommended I stay, and I did. There were concerns of kidney function in addition to heart. Kidney plus B/P concerns were addressed and the next day I had an angiogram and two stents. Let me interrupt this story to make the following statement: all of the care I received at Banner, from all of the people who provided it, including doctors, nurses, techs, bed transporters, etc. was done in a professional and efficient and friendly manner. I couldn't be happier with the care I received at your hospital! After the angiogram I was returned to the ward for observation. The next day I got a clean bill of health from both the heart and renal people and was okayed for release later that day. This was very welcome news to me because I had a very imperative reason to return home as soon as possible. But alas there was a problem. The problem is neither the point of the story, nor a source of continuing difference and has been long forgotten. But at that time my release was put on hold and I was adamant I was leaving that day. Joy was my nurse and so became the buffer between the hospital authority and myself. When I realized I wasn't being discharged, I confronted her. She was firm as she explained the hospital's position. She also inquired about my reason for leaving. She not only listened, but also heard my explanation and found my reasons to be credible and urgent. She took it upon herself to explain my position to the hospital authority so they could understand the whole situation. I believe she was instrumental in achieving a compromise to what could have become a tenuous situation. So nurse Joy Acker was just one of those professional, efficient and friendly employees I gushed about earlier. Except that she also cared and took the time and made the effort to help me when I needed it. Joy Acker in my humble opinion is the face of compassionate care at your hospital!