February 2010
Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican
Las Vegas
United States




My son is the patient in Room 220. Judy was the nurse the night he was admitted and the
next night. She is always cheerful and upbeat, as well as being very competent and
excellent at her job. She communicates so well and puts all of us at ease, even though this
is a difficult time.

This is especially important because my son is multiply handicapped and non-vocal. He
cannot perform any acts for himself, not even to push the call button to summon anyone.
Judy always greets him cheerfully, acknowledging him, as well as his father and me. She
makes extraordinary efforts to always let him know what is going on with his care.
She assumes that he will understand it, rather than the opposite.

This makes him so much more comfortable mentally, as well as physically. We never have
a worry when we have to leave him in her care. She always goes the extra mile and more
to be sure he is well.

Thank you!