Kelsey Airth
November 2020
Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center




Kelsey really made me feel as though she cared about my baby like he was her own.
Kelsey is an extraordinary nurse. My son came in for croup, RSV, Adeno, leafing to Staph pneumonia, tracheitis, etc. It was a stressful time for my son and our family.Kelsey took care of us in more ways than one. Her care for the health and comfort of my son was the first way. She took great care in positioning him in ways that she felt would make him comfy (he was in a medical coma). When we flipped him prone, the medical tubing laid too close to his face, kind of across his cheeks. It really didn't pose a problem but, I didn't like it. It looked uncomfortable. I wasn't going to bother Kelsey with it, but she came in (of her own prerogative) with the supplies and determination to re-arrange the tubing for the 10 pumps and many tubes so he wouldn't have it resting on his face every time he laid prone. It took her 1.5-2 hours; she really made me feel as though she cared about my baby like he was her own.
Kelsey brought me her own son's favorite book for me to read to him. She would come and gently work to take left behind adhesive off his skin. She sweet-talked him and talked to him about what she was doing even when he was unconscious. She brought me cards and a Sudoku book from home when I started to go stir crazy. She spent time joking and connecting with me, so I didn't feel so lonely (I was far from home). She took time to explain things to me even if it took multiple explanations and sometimes Crayons. She came to check on us even when she wasn't our nurse. She was patient and kind to him even when he was uncooperative. She sat and soothe him through a night terror/delirium episode when he didn't want me.