Kevin Acierno
July 2019
3 West Tower
Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital
Mayfield Heights
United States




Kevin Acierno is complimented by every patient he comes in contact with. Some examples of his amazing, compassionate care include:
We had a bariatric patient (over 500 lbs) who desperately wanted to take a shower. This patient had limited ability to ambulate, getting her up to a chair required multiple caregivers. Kevin took it upon himself to work this out so his patient could have a shower and wash her hair before being discharged to a facility. Our normal shower chair would not accommodate this patient's weight so Kevin found a bariatric BSC, put it in the shower, got the patient a bariatric walker and assisted the patient to receive a shower and wash her hair. When completed, he came out of the nursing shower soaking wet from head to toe. He accomplished what no one else would even try!
A patient wrote this about Kevin on her discharge survey: "Kevin is hands down a keeper for you guys. He was kind, caring and compassionate. He was a fabulous nurse and even took the time to talk to my 8-year-old who wants to be an ER nurse when she grows up. He explained what he was doing and why and that meant a lot to her and me. He made a big impression on that little girl and his kindness meant a lot to me."
Another patient's wife called the nursing unit to express her undying gratitude to Kevin who stayed at her husband's bedside during his last hours. She stated that he made the worst day of her life easier to remember because of his true kindness and caring.
Another elderly gentleman was being escorted out by transport, but he insisted on stopping at the nursing station to say goodbye to Kevin. He took Kevin's hand and kissed it stating that he is the best nurse he has ever had. The patient told me that Kevin spent endless time at his bedside, sitting listening and answering all of his questions and concerns.
Kevin is a novice nurse of just over a year and continues to provide the most sincere compassionate care to all of our patients. We are so lucky to have Kevin as part of our 3 West Tower team.