Al Hassani
November 2010
Al Hassani
Staff Nurse 3
Outpatient Department
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




In October 2010 a pediatric patient was booked for an MRI under conscious sedation in Radiology.
The child was unable to be sedated as he was hyperactive. Khadeejah Al Hassani took the initiative
and liaised with the physician in neurology and radiology and thereafter took the child and
family to the MRI unit, where she assisted the staff in sedating the child by reassuring and
comforting the child. She remained throughout the procedure monitoring vital signs and
the child. The outcome of the scan was successful. If the scan was not done this would have
resulted in the child being rebooked in December for a consult for general anaesthesia and
thereafter an MRI with added expenses for the family as they were traveling from Mecca to Jeddah.
Well done Khadeejah for going the extra mile.