Kholood Abushanab
June 2020
Clinical Decision Unit
Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas
United States




A patient with a known extensive psychiatric history required surgery. From just the mentioning of a surgery consult, the patient's anxiety was through the roof. When introducing myself as a member of the surgical team, the patient was hysterical. Throughout the interview and exam, Kholood exhibited patience as I have never seen. She worked with the patient to calm her down. She understood the plan and continually reoriented/redirected the patient. Regardless of the curveball thrown, Kholood never showed any sign of frustration or really anything other than genuine compassion. Kholood single-handedly changed this patient's hospital experience and is directly responsible for improving the care this patient received. Nine out of ten times this situation would have led to a patient leaving AMA. Kholood helped this patient trust in her team and receive the care she needed.