Kim Adams
July 2018
Kansas City VA Medical Center
Kansas City
United States




Back in November, I almost lost my father. One doctor in the ED was trying to convince me to put my father in hospice. Shift change brought another doctor who wasn't ready to give up and sent him to the MICU. Kim was there and ready. My father was not in his right mind. She was very patient with him and brought in some humor with it. She was able to calm me down. She just was a whirlwind with everything and still kept the look of "this is nothing to worry about". Once she had my father cared for and resting, she went to her own stock of creamer and fixed my boyfriend a coffee. She listened to all that had happened with my father leading up to that day. She gave me a hug and told me to get some rest. They had my father and he was in good hands. She was extremely caring and so knowledgeable. She brought humor and sarcasm to the situation and that was just perfect. She didn't just take care of my father but all of us. She never lost her patience. Even after he was moved to hospice on the 8th floor, she came on her break to check on us. She even brought a cup of coffee for my boyfriend. She made a huge impact on our lives. I can't thank her enough. I was facing losing my father and she took so much weight off of my shoulders and heart. She was such a blessing to have at the darkest time of my life and ease that. Her skill with my father just amazed me. Don't lose her.