Kitz Acaylar
July 2020
Inpatient Ward
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates




I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Kitz for his valuable service during my stay in the hospital. From the time I came back to the ward after my operation, he was there with me and always assisting my needs. From there he reassured me that I am okay and everything will be fine. That helped me a lot. I felt that I was properly taken care of. In the ward, he was always there to look after my needs. I felt secure and comfortable all the time knowing that a good nurse was handling me. During my second night in the hospital, I was glad to know that he was my nurse again. I was in pain at that time but he did his best to help me. I appreciated all the things he did for me. I can see his passion for his profession. He was clean, hygienic, working smoothly under pressure, and always ready to give a helping hand. My stay at Healthpoint Hospital was amazing. It's because I was taken care of by one of their best nurses.