Kyra Acasio
September 2020
Women and Infants
Kona Community Hospital
United States




Friday morning I met Kyra; I was in so much pain but when she walked in I felt so comfortable, she treated me like I was her baby sister. She explained everything I was going through, step by step. I was so exhausted, we asked her about that shot, the epidural. She highly recommended it and explained everything to me, then I did it. She was with me the whole time, I felt so good I finally got some rest.
I gave birth at 10:56 pm that night after pushing for 2 hours, I was so glad it was over! Kyra came in the next morning and took the baby for a few hours so I could get some rest, I was so thankful for her! Before she took the baby from me she made sure I was comfortable, showed me how to put ice for my stitches and how to clean them with the water bottle. She made my stay so comfortable.
When Kyra brought baby back she showed me all the tricks to breastfeeding and how to hold the baby. This was my first baby, so I had read a lot about childbirth and it helped but it was so nice having someone show me and tell me what to expect. She is so humble and said, "This is my job!" I just think Kyra went above and beyond her call of duty and if she does this to all her patients which I think she does, we need more people like her in this world.
I can't say enough about this lady, words do not do justice for the care Kyra gave me, my mom, and baby. My mom was with me and was very impressed with how Kyra handled every situation that I went through. She even brought me ice cream. I just think Kyra went above and beyond and it was a very busy day/night, all the rooms were full. My experience with my first baby and childbirth Kyra made me feel at home. Thank you, Kyra.