Lahetta Abts
March 2019
Neonatal ICU
Grandview Medical Center
United States




Lahetta was such a blessing to our family during the 7 weeks our twin boys were in the NICU. Having premature babies is a little scary and not being able to take them home with us was difficult. The first time we met Lahetta was when she was assigned to our babies. She showed us the things that we could do to help our babies such as taking their temperatures and changing their diapers. Being able to do little things like those meant so much.
When I (mom) was sick and called to say I couldn't come for a visit, Lahetta was very sympathetic, knowing how heartbroken I was about not getting to see my babies and assured me they would take good care of them.
Most days we had our older children with us, and Lahetta was always so sweet to them and included them as much as possible by doing things like giving them coloring pages to decorate the room. They were always excited when they heard Ms. Lahetta was taking care of our babies.
We are all so thankful for Lahetta. It was obvious she genuinely cared for our babies and us. She was so sweet to them and to us. She definitely went above and beyond and we appreciate her and all the wonderful NICU nurses who took care of our precious babies.