April 2012
Cancer Center
Doctors Medical Center
San Pablo
United States




I cannot express how exceptional I feel Lallaine is as a friend and as a nurse. She was a shy quiet nurse with exceptional skills and a compassionate demeanor when we first met. She worked with me only every once in a while but I knew she was the right fit for the Cancer Center and someone I wanted on our team. After much convincing she did accept a permanent position and became part of the Cancer Center team in 2002. We worked side by side for 2 years and she and I with the rest of the Cancer Center nurses did our best to give the best care possible to our patients. In 2004 there was a change in nursing positions and the role of charge nurse was open. It took a lot of talking and reassuring and convincing to get Lallaine to take the charge position but I finally convinced her. Lallaine proves to be the epitome of excellence in this role. She excels in mentoring and educating the staff, she is a strong patient advocate, and always looks for the best ways to give our patients care and help meet their needs. She is compassionate and empathetic and patients love her. Lallaine is a role model for nurses everywhere.