Lana Abutaha
June 2020
Cardio ICU
DMC - Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospital
United States




When our brother first arrived at Harper Hospital Lana was there to help us understand his condition. She provided a warm caring and knowledgeable environment. She showed us how we could interact with our brother while he was in a coma. It was a traumatic time for my family and we were so glad to have Lana's help.
During my brother's stay, it became increasingly evident that he might not recover. Megan was there for us in those hours of need, always making sure that Eric was comfortable bringing us into the room to hear test results and diagnosis update. She was pleasant, kind, clear, and compassionate.
During the last hours of my brother's care, John was standing with the family. When the final test result showing brain death he helped each of us deal with his failing condition. He was sympathetic towards our family and specifically my brother's two children.
We were so very grateful for their excellent service, kind attention, and heartfelt gratitude that was extended to our family. The organization should be very proud of the ICU nursing staff.