Laura Abkarian
November 2018
Labor and Delivery
Orange Regional Medical Center
United States




I had been scheduled for a c-section, but the early in the morning 4 days prior, my water broke. We already knew there was a high chance of lethal skeletal dysplasia for our son after much prenatal testing. When we arrived, Laura was my pre-op nurse. I was scatterbrained and incredibly nervous. I had forgotten my birth plan in the car. She had been briefed before our arrival of our unique situation, and she asked what was on my birth plan. I will say, she went above and beyond. Losing our son was the hardest thing I'll probably ever experience in my life. Her personality, her genuine concern, her attention to detail and her ability to just be a calming presence is a part of my son's story that I'll never forget. From pre-op, to the OR, to the hours following. She helped make it a calm, peaceful experience. We got to be surrounded by our other children and loved ones as we were told that his heart had stopped beating. She took precious care bathing and dressing him for me. She made sure I had my meds right when I needed them, and that I ate. She put together a beautiful box that I'll treasure forever of our son's brief time here, as well as helped me with making impressions of my son's sweet fingers and toes. She helped make sure that he left safely with the funeral home for my psyche's sake. Every small detail, she made sure was flawless in my memory. I will forever remember and be grateful that she was there by our side right up to wheeling me out at discharge. We have a room full of witnesses who adore her and think that she has an excellent bedside manner. He's only been gone 10 days, and I couldn't help but want to find a way to tell you how truly lucky you are to have her. All the staff we had while we were there were very sweet, cordial and kind to us. But Laura is a real gem.
Note: This is Laura's 2nd DAISY Award!