July 2016
Medical / Surgical
United States




My mother was diagnosed with a GI bleed. Because my mother is a Jehovah Witness, it’s against her religion to receive blood, which left us feeling worried, confused, and scared, but hopeful.  The following day after arriving at my mother’s bedside, I noticed her nurse, Leontranea Adams (Nae) sitting next to her, holding her hand, and explaining that she shouldn’t worry because everything would be fine.  Seeing Nae take time out of her busy day to reassure my mother that she would be fine, reassured me as well.  Seeing Nae’s humbling spirit shows that she’s compassionate about her work and believes in caring for her patients both in the physical and mental state.

For example, my mother has tendinitis and has a hard time wiping herself.  As a courtesy, Nae attached a note to the door saying, “if the door is closed, please knock.”  That small gesture meant the world to my mother and made her feel like she was able to keep her dignity.  On the third day of her stay, my mom’s hemoglobin and INR dropped critically low.  Nae got on the phone and dialed the endoscopy team and it seemed they arrived within minutes.  During this time I was in a bad place but Nae reassured me that my mom was in the best hands and whatever happened from that moment on was in God’s plan.  The compassion Nae showed my mom was contagious and left me amazed.

Eventually, my mom was transferred to the University of Michigan Medical Center to receive a blood transfusion, which happened to be Nae’s day off.  However, Nae surprised my family and me when she walked in.  She took time from her personal life just to assure my mom that everything was going to be okay.  This gesture left me emotional as tears began flowing from my eyes.

As an employee of St. John Hospital & Medical Center I know there are moments that often go unnoticed.  It simply reminded me of the compassion you hear during one of the commercials, except it is real life.  After my mother’s stay, I went to the unit’s manager, Erica Terry,  to inform her that her staff as a whole are amazing!  The Health Unit Coordinator Needra Harp combed my mother’s hair, the Patient Care Tech Lawanda Perkins went to the gift shop and purchased my mom her favorite candy bar, the housekeeper, Jackie Brown, gave my mom the best conversation. But if anyone deserves the DAISY Award, it’s Leontranea Adams.

Leontranea Adams has all the characteristics that this award requires.  She’s an excellent nurse and goes above and beyond the daily duties assigned to make every patient feel like an individual and not just a number.  Leontranea shows compassion in your time of need and knows how to make you feel high when you’re at your lowest moment.  Finally, she cares for each individual as if she would for her own family.  Nae represents the excellent care that this hospital has to offer and if I had to do it all over again, Nae would be the nurse I would want taking care of my family.