February 2012
3 South, UHSP
UT Southwestern Medical Center
United States




Working with Linda for past seven years, I can honestly say that if she asks you to do something, she is already doing it herself. She has worked on many different units, and has successfully made many adjustments in the past few years. Apart from studying for passing her OCN, she is constant source of information to both the staff here on 3 South as well as throughout the hospital. Linda is always looking at how to do thing better. She was instrumental in piloting quality rounds on her unit, she is involved in hospital wide teaching for mucositis and is very excited about facilitating our Unit Based Council. I have enjoyed watching Linda as she interacts with patients and their families. She has the ability to find common ground with them, and when things are tense, is able to be the voice of reason while maintaining her rapport. She is very well respected by all staff members. She is always the same, trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable. I have heard other staff look at the schedule, see that Linda in on and breathe a sigh of relief.