July 2011
Women's Health Services
Nebraska Medicine -Nebraska Medical Center
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Lindsey was taking care of a mother whose child had been transferred to Children's hospital for a heart condition. The mother obviously was very upset that she had to be separated from her baby. Lindsey took the initiative to contact the Child Life department and obtain a laptop, webcam, and mouse for the mother. She then connected all of the equipment and set up a Skype account for the mother. She worked with the NICU at Children's hospital to set up video equipment for the newborn. This mother, thanks to technology and the initiative of Lindsey, was not able to be physically with her baby but could see the baby in those precious first hours that can never be recaptured!!!
Lindsey wrote very detailed directions for her peers of how to set this up when we have this situation again. Below is a quote from Dr. B regarding Lindsey's initiative for this patient:
"The patient was logging onto Skype when I saw her this morning. She was thrilled with being able to see her baby despite not being at the same hospital. During the visits I have seen her, she has been very quiet and serious. This morning was the first smile I had seen during any encounter with her. She was obviously very pleased with the ability to see her baby”.