Lindsey Adams
August 2019
Medical Care Unit
Stafford Hospital
United States




Lindsey is the true definition of a charge nurse! I can say every shift I have worked with her for the past 2 years she always shows leadership, team ethic, excellence in patient care, and compassion towards others. Her most dominant trait is her advocacy for others. One shift, I had a patient who was in 10 out of 10 pain, had critical lab values, and was just not looking well. I immediately notify her and no surprise she asks what she can do to help. We had multiple phone calls between MSET, the MDs, Nursing Supervisor, multiple medications and infusions needing to be administered and sitting on this patient 1:1, as we quickly realized the patient was not appropriate for the floor. We had some hesitation at first because of the unknown but Lindsey went above and beyond to advocate to get this patient to the appropriate level of care. She also helped care for my other patients while I was 1:1 with the patient and maintained her role on the floor. Lindsey has many similar stories I could tell, and I feel she needs to be recognized for all her hard work. Thank you, Lindsey!
Note: This is Lindsey's 2nd DAISY Award!