August 2016
Oncology - Kettering Medical Center
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After delivering him to ICU, Lisa stopped at the waiting room to speak with me.
My husband had his kidney removed. The doctor went between ribs. We were told it would be excruciating pain and would be 2 -3 days in ICU. A resident doctor decided 18 hours after surgery, my husband didn't need to be in ICU - pulled his epidural and sent him to MS - 3 South. Lisa Adams come on the night shift. She went above and beyond to try to help my husband. She had his surgeon paged and filled him in. He didn't even know what had happened. She followed his directions and filled us in on the plan every step of the way. Unfortunately, it did not help his pain. After two hours, she contacted the doctor again, giving him all the info on my husband's condition. The doctor sent him back to the ICU and she prepared and transported my husband back to ICU. She was very compassionate and determined to do all she could to make him comfortable. After delivering him to ICU, she stopped at the waiting room to speak with me and wished us luck and hoping they would be able to make his pain subside or at least get under control. I feel she saved his life. He was to the point of being delirious due to all of the different pain meds that had been given to him.