Lisa Aker
December 2017
Medical-Surgical Inpatient Unit
Monmouth Medical Center
Long Branch
United States




To say Lisa is an extraordinary nurse is an understatement. She is a respected leader among her colleagues, and most importantly Lisa is a kind, compassionate, and caring human being.
Lisa not only works tirelessly making a difference in the lives of our patients, and their family members, her knowledge, expertise and most of all compassion extends to her co-workers as well. Lisa has an eye for quality and performs chart reviews daily to ensure our staff is 100% compliant in their charting. Lisa maintains her clinical skills to remain relevant and helpful to the bedside nurses regarding patient care. She has an advanced knowledge of the electronic healthcare record to be able to complete thorough chart audits as well as educate nurses through challenges they may have in regards to their responsibilities or policies. The most important piece of patient care in addition to her knowledge and strong skill set is role modeled to her new orientees. In fact, Lisa is everyone's "go-to" person, mentor and she leads by example. There is nothing she will ask another member of the nursing team to do that she will not do herself.
Lisa is the ultimate advocate for our patients and has taken "superior service" to the next level. Her work ethic speaks for itself. If Lisa is involved with a patient issue, she will not leave until she is assured all issues have been resolved, and all of the patient's needs have been met, even if it means staying late after hours.
Lisa's professional and clinical skills are only exceeded by the level of compassion with which she uses those skills. She will do everything she can to make sure a patient is comfortable and at ease, demonstrating a strong work ethic that encourages others to do the same. Even it means running to food services to get a meal tray, coffee, or even look to find clothes for a patient to wear upon discharge. She will often transport a patient herself when short staffed in an effort to help ensure the entire floor is running smoothly.
There is one common theme we hear loud and clear among her patients, "Lisa cares!"
In the words of a patient, "Lisa is truly a wonderful, caring human being. We don't know what we would have done if it had not been for Lisa's patience and guidance during a very difficult time. There is only one problem and that is, there is only one Lisa."
Our patients remember her and ask for Lisa by name. A patient once asked me, "who is that nurse with the smile? She was so kind and helpful to my family and myself, and she was the only one who listened when no one else would. We cannot thank her enough."
Lisa has a very easy way about her when communicating with patients and their families, building trust and assuring patients they are in good hands. She will always take the time to make a patient feel like they are the only patient she has. Regardless of how busy she may be, she will always take the time to lend a helping hand, asking, "is everything okay and are you okay?"
At the same time, Lisa is always thinking outside the box and what is best for the patient. Lisa will not hesitate to provide constructive feedback for the benefit of the patient, and for the hospital.
We are honored to have Lisa as a part of the Monmouth Medical Center's family. Lisa represents the finest qualities of RWJBH and she is truly an inspiration to our staff and everyone that interacts with her. When asked once why she does what she does, Lisa simply replied, "I love what I do", and it shows.
Thank you, Lisa, for all you do. You are truly an amazing person and we are proud to call you our colleague and friend. Lisa has been instrumental in providing outstanding patient care and in creating a nursing staff who truly cares about their patients' safety and well-being.