Lisa Riendeau
October 2019
Epilepsy Monitor Unit
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




My husband entered Hopkins with encephalitis from meningitis. He was unable to talk or move himself. He had a terrible bedsore. When Lisa was assigned to him, you could tell she took an interest in her patients. She did extra oral care until she got his mouth clean. She was sure to reposition him on time and make him comfortable.
When his bedsore took a bad turn, she explained to me what was happening, kept the doctors informed, requested a wound therapist when she thought necessary, and suggested plastics get involved. She helped to care for his wound, checking his fever, and making recommendations to the doctors.
The next week my husband was doing better. He began to be more alert, and she would talk to him and encourage him and me. One day, she had done all his mouth care and he was more alert, so she asked him some questions - and he actually answered! She ran down the hall to get the doctor to come to see. We were all so excited! It was a big milestone. After the doctors left the room, Lisa and I looked at each other, both with tears in our eyes. She was such an advocate for my husband. A truly caring and dedicated nurse.
Lisa is a professional and respected by her peers and doctors. She continued to stop in and check on my husband, even if she was not assigned to him. That meant so much to our family. She always made sure I understood what was going on with his treatment, through the highs and especially the lows. She always kept me informed about his condition—good and bad. She has been there to console me. She is a true DAISY Nurse.