Lynda Aja
March 2013
Emergency Department
Doctors Medical Center of Modesto
United States




Lynda was helping us discharge patients and provide teaching to the patients going home from the waiting room lobby. There were no beds available in the emergency department on November 14, so with the help of our PA's, Lynda was triaging, treating, and discharging the patients without a room.

A woman walked in and stated she thought the umbilical cord from the baby she was pregnant with was falling out of her. In a flash Lynda had the Spanish speaking woman on a gurney, pulled her pants down, saw the cord, and inserted her fingers to push the baby's head off the cord. This fast action prevented the baby's head from pinching the cord and terminating all blood supply. Lynda had to stay in this awkward position while the gurney was pushed to labor and delivery (a short venture in the outdoors mind you!) and the patient was draped with Lynda while an emergency C-Section was performed.

The baby, a preemie at 24 weeks, weighed 700 grams, and was intubated doing well. Lynda literally saved this woman's son. Lynda crossed the language barrier with reassuring eyes and authority in her sign language. Without Lynda's skill, knowledge, and concern, this baby would not be alive today.