Maday Marin

Maday Marin

Maday Marin, RN

Neurology - 6 North
University of Miami Hospital
Miami, Florida
United States
Maday immediately established a trustworthy connection.

I had the unfortunate experience of getting ill on my flight to Miami.  I was taken to the University of Miami Hospital directly from the plane.  After an extremely miserable night in the ER, I was admitted to 6N at about 1 am.  The next morning a soft-spoken nurse, Maday, introduced herself to me.  She immediately established a trustworthy connection.  When I used the call bell, she consistently came within a couple of minutes.  Also, she did what needed to be done, vitals, getting me water, and adjusting the lighting and arranging my room.  I became very frustrated with the length of time it was taking for decisions to be made.  Maday, even as a new RN, continued to call both my admitting and consulting teams a few times to try to get some answers for me.  She also had no problem enlisting the assistance of the nurse manager.  Maday showed commitment to excellence. 

I trusted her to advocate for me and she did!  Many times.  My medications were not correctly entered in the system as to how to take them.  I told her not to worry about it, as it was just some timing issues.  Maday refused to continue with that and immediately called the resident and gave them the correct dosing and scheduling.  I really trusted her in a big hospital that knew nothing about me.  I was surprised at her presistance and commitment to providing excellent care.  Also, she was so sincere and I never felt she was just patronizing me.  There are many skills that nurses can be taught, but true compassion, sincerity, kindness, leadership and professionalism can only come from within.  Maday possesses them all.  I know I stressed her out with my anxiety and need to be discharged asap, but you’d have never known it.

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