Maggie Akerberg
November 2019
Emergency Department
St. Charles Madras Hospital
United States




Maggie was nominated for the DAISY Award after a co-worker witnessed her outstanding service and compassion in caring for a patient who arrived at their ED for evaluation of a complex wound. Maggie was called to help a gentleman who arrived with a neglected foot wound full of maggots. The wound was macerated, and so foul-smelling a reverse airflow room had to be used to prevent a disturbance to other patients. This man also bore the weight of homelessness. He was disheveled, hungry, and without proper clothing for the weather conditions.
Aside from the routine care we expect with this situation-obtaining blood specimens, wound dressing, etc., Maggie dawned protective garb to help him shower. She brushed his hair, fixed him food after the hospital kitchen had closed for the evening, and arranged for clean clothing. Maggie's work was noted by medical and nursing staff alike as exemplary considering the task at hand, however not at all out of character for this fine nurse.