Mandy Adams
January 2020
4-North PCU
CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
United States




We had a patient who was very poor. The patient felt no one care about her. She didn't have any family visiting but did have her husband who wasn't as attentive as she needed. The patient asked her husband to bring her a sweatshirt and he returned with a plain blue one, which the patient did not like, as it was ugly in her eyes. Mandy got off working her shift 7p - 7a and went to the store and purchased the patient a pretty fuzzy pink jacket and other pastel sweatshirts and placed all in a pretty pink gift bag and returned to the hospital to present this to the patient who was overwhelmed and so thankful. "No one ever bought me anything like this." She was so touched at Mandy's present, saying she felt so cared for and loved. Her happiness was all over her face. Sometimes the smallest gesture can mean the world to someone.