Mark Falguera
August 2023
UVA Health Prince William Medical Center
United States




Mark advocated and worked tirelessly all night long.
Mr. A came to our hospital with abdominal pain. He sat in the ER awaiting a bed, was admitted under surgical services, and decompensated in front of our eyes requiring ICU admission at 10 p.m. When Mark admitted him to the ICU we learned he had no previous medical history and a 6-year-old child at home, and here he was dying of a purely abdominal process. The patient continued to deteriorate all night long with an acute abdomen eventually requiring intubation. Surgery was consistently updated on their patient's condition. Mark kept this man alive all night long! Mark is not a surgeon and could not resect his colonic mass which was suspected to be cancer. What Mark did as a nurse is what nurses do every day and night around the world, they keep people alive quietly behind the scenes. Mark advocated and worked tirelessly all night long performing bladder pressures, stood by and supported the patient during intubation, and hung various vasopressors titrating each to maintain hemodynamics amongst all the other routine ICU patient care. By morning, the patient was critically ill but "stable" for surgery for a bowel resection and removal of the colonic mass. Mr. A. is alive and recovering well today due to Mark's remarkable nursing care!