Marlena Acosta
August 2017
9N, Neurology/ Neuro Surgery
Saint Vincent Hospital, Allegheny Health Network
United States




Marlena is an exceptional nurse. From the first introduction to me, she involved me in my nursing care goals. With her guidance, we set up my goals for each day and my discharge goals. She reviewed safety guidelines with me, and shared information about my wound care and diabetes management. Marlena was very good at anticipating my needs, and frequently checked in with me throughout her shifts. She was good at helping with pain management, and making sure I received my pain medication in a timely manner. All questions about my care were answered promptly.
When a visit from the rehab specialists, occupational therapy specialist, social worker and the rehab liaison were delayed, Marlena called over to rehabilitation in order to make my care a priority. Because of that, I was quickly evaluated by all of the specialists.
Thank you Marlena!