November 2017
Acute Surgical
Terre Haute Regional Hospital




Megan was nominated by three individuals. A patient, fellow RN, and an employee from PT.
From the Patient: "I was admitted to Terre Haute Regional Hospital for a Right Hip Replacement surgery. I was very scared and emotional, not only for the pending right hip replacement, I was also scared that my dog was home alone and my keys were with me. Megan Akers was my nurse. My keys were in my car located at work. So one of my co-workers got the keys from my car. Megan Akers then took my keys to Indianapolis after she got off of work to give to my friend so that my dog would be taken to a place where she would not be alone. I want you to know that Megan Akers is AN ANGEL from God. I want you to appreciate her for more than her skills. THANK YOU Meg, I will never forget you!"
From a fellow RN: "A patient came from Indy for a hip fracture. The patient was extremely upset because she had no family in Indiana. She lived all the way in Indy and had a dog in her home and could not care for it because she was in the hospital. Megan decided to take the patient's house key all the way to Indy after her shift so that she could give it to the patient's neighbor so the neighbor could take care of the dog. The patient was so happy and thankful. Megan went out of the way to help a patient in her time of need. She deserves a DAISY".
From an employee from PT: "When ambulating a patient during physical therapy she became tearful. When Megan walked past the patients face lit up and she said, "I just love her! You know what she did for me? I was worried about my little dog, home alone. She took my house key and she and her fiancé drove to Indianapolis, after her shift, to give the key to my friend so they could take care of my little dog". I feel Megan went above and beyond to help ease her patient's anxiety about her little dog and feel she should be recognized for this".