Melanie Adams
December 2017
Home TeleHealth Program
Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
North Little Rock
United States




I am a disabled Veteran of the Vietnam era. I signed up for the home health consultant program about 4 years ago. I was assigned Melanie Adams. She has been my lifesaver. She is so good to review and consult with me when needed. I feel as though she goes beyond her duties to really care. She takes the time to explain and ask me questions to help with my care.
In Sept of 2015, I started having headaches. I never had headaches. I couldn't figure it out. I went to two different facilities and had CT scans, and they couldn't find the source of the headaches. I told Melanie days before about the pain. A few days later, I called Melanie and told her what had happened. She was so kind and thoughtful that she took it upon herself to review the doctor's notes and the CT scan notes. She called me back and told me that it looked like there was something in the nasal passage from the CT scan notes. I spoke with a different doctor and he set me up for a new CT scan at his office for a better view. They did surgery and found the sinus duct fully clogged and finally, I got relief.
If not for Melanie, I don't know how long it would have been to find relief from the intense, growing pain. I am so grateful for Melanie Adams care and getting involved with me. I am sure she gets involved with all her patients. She is like family. She sounds like she has a smile every time we talk. The Home Health program is great, but Melanie goes beyond her duties to care. Thanks to her, I found relief from the intense pain. I know if my readings are off, that I will get a call from Melanie to find out what she can do for me to help. She is my angel watching over me.