Melissa Ainsworth
July 2017
Intensive Care Unit
Mease Countryside Hospital
United States




My mother was admitted from her Assisted Living Facility to Mease Countryside Hospital and I was called immediately to meet them at the hospital. When I arrived, my mother was in the Emergency Room suffering from a very, very high fever. As the morning wore on, it became apparent that the source of the fever was an infection that was going to be extremely difficult to overcome. We waited until early afternoon for a nurse to come from CCU to get mom and take her to her room. I had called family from out of state and they were on their way from Tampa as we feared the worst.
That night Melissa came on shift and what a wonderful relief. She came into our room with energy, compassion, and above all a great knowledge and ability to relate to what is happening every step of the way. Each time a new family member arrived Melissa would repeat and re-explain the process and the medical implications we were seeing. We all benefitted from her gentle approach and vast knowledge. To put it simply, she is a superstar!
As midnight approached, it was clear that Melissa was helping us transition Mom out of this life and I believe it was just as hard on her as it was on us. She worked with a doctor to be sure we were fighting the sepsis as best we could and she gave us any and all information we requested. My mom passed away, but not before she was cared for by the sweetest, most amazing nurse possible. It is a special thing to heal the way she did and there is not a doubt in my mind that at the moment my mom passed, my family, as well as Melissa, were the loving souls ushering her to heaven. Melissa is a special gift to your hospital.