Mercy Abraham
August 2016
Medical Surgical Unit 5 Main
Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park
Elkins Park
United States




I was here for over a week and my nurse, Mercy Abraham was excellent and compassionate every day I was here. I always looked forward to her coming on shift. I had an episode with my panic attacks and Mercy showed me so much compassion. She let me know everything was going to be okay. She sat with me; she talked to me, and made me feel safe. She didn't just feel like a nurse but like a mother and a sister. She cared and told me to never hesitate to call on her. I'm not only going home with how to care for myself physically, but mentally as well. I will definitely miss her; she's the best nurse and most compassionate person I've met.
Mercy agreed to watch me when I wanted to walk around the halls because of my hip replacement. She took good care of me while I was a patient. She was very professional. Even with all her other work, she made sure to take time with me to allow me to walk to strengthen my leg.
When I was first admitted I was very concerned about my arm, but Mercy Abraham was very reassuring and made me feel much more at ease. During the course of the next two days, Mercy was always right there helping me. Throughout the time that she was with me, I always felt assured knowing she was there.