Michelle Acevedo
January 2018
Emergency Department
Dignity Health St. Bernardine Medical Center
San Bernardino
United States




Michelle is a charge nurse in the Emergency Room and is performing this role amazingly. She is always calm and collected even under extreme pressure. By simply observing her on a typical day, you would never believe the chaos that is inherent in the Emergency Department. Michelle is one of those extraordinary nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty every single day. She provides care with compassion and empathy and treats everyone with respect, regardless of who they are. She uses a "hands-on" approach when working and steps in to help anyone on the team of nurses. She communicates well and holds the team together under all circumstances. Physicians, fellow nurses, and the management team know they can count on her at all times, regardless of how overwhelmed the ER might be.
I have known Michelle for a very short time, but already I have come to admire her dedication and work ethic. She shows compassion and caring and is a great example of Dignity's motto: Humankindness. The staff knows that with her in charge it doesn't matter how high the tide gets they can always navigate the rough waters. In this particular Emergency Department, the days can be physically and emotionally exhausting for nurses. But even under these crazy busy conditions, Michelle always projects a sense of calmness.
Michelle is an asset to St. Bernardine Medical Center and the Emergency Department. The service she provides is remarkable, and I am thankful for her hard work and dedication. Any patient or staff that get the opportunity to interact with her should feel lucky. She is an honest-to-goodness kind and caring individual.