May 2019
2 West - Medical/Surgical
Mercy Health - Clermont Hospital
United States




During my stay, I had very good nurses. Mindy stands out because of her kindness, compassion, and caring nature. One night, at 3 am, she had to move my room because the call light would not work. She called maintenance two times for repair. Then, the call-light would not go off! She could not apologize enough for moving me to another room. Her, an additional RN, and an aide took care of me!! They moved me in one trip. I did not have to worry about all my belongings, they were moved and back in order, lickity split!! She also had to change my IV that night as well. She had that done in no time at all also. She felt so bad for me. She constantly checks on her patients. She does whatever is needed with a smile and a sunny upbeat attitude. You can't stay "down" with Mindy taking care of you! She ended up having to change my IV again due to swelling. She hated to cause any undue pain. Again, she completed it in a professional way. This is rare nowadays. I felt that with her, I was in the BEST possible care. I cannot begin to thank her enough for ALL her care.