Molly Abraham
February 2016
Critical Care Unit
Valley Medical Center
United States




After surgery, my husband received stellar care by all nurses, MDs and staff at VMC. Molly showed such compassion towards my husband. She calmed him continually using soothing tones, reassuring words and gentle guidance to lie down and relax. She skillfully directed his care all the while talking me through the reason for each procedure. She explained all the medical terms in a way that was easy for me to understand, which was a huge comfort for the family. It is so hard to watch a love one in pain and so easy to sink into a place where you see the worst outcomes. Molly never let me get to that place.
Watching her care for my husband let me know that he was going to get through this. That WE were going to get through this. I can't express my gratitude for her enough. Thank you Molly!
My husband has been at Valley for close to nine days. Molly was the nurse who checked him in and has been with us off and on since then. My husband had several medical issues going on and he's been on a ventilator and sedated most of the time. After only meeting me once Molly remembered my name and would always say hi and ask how I was doing even when she wasn't assigned to my husband's room. She has been beyond compassionate to my husband and family.
Her loving care and presence has helped in my husband's healing process. She sensed my husband felt more at peace when she was around so she made a point to stay by the room. She was very quick to respond to every request even while she was swamped with other patients. Molly even waited to take a lunch break until my husband was comfortable. Because of her knowledge, compassion, extra care and love; she has been the best nurse I've ever been around or known. We are blessed that she was able to help us in my husband's healing process.