Monica Adame
August 2017
The Hospitals of Providence Children's Hospital
El Paso
United States




Being pregnant with twins recently, I knew I'd have to be at Providence due to having the best NICU and the chances of twins being in NICU being much higher. So we decided to have them at Providence and of course, we ended up in NICU again. To my surprise, I immediately met with Monica, multiple times in just my 1st night in the hospital. She came every single day to talk and answer any questions I had. She was so sweet and beyond helpful. Every single shift of nurses was amazing and so supportive of my requests of nursing, pumping, etc. I was floored with the changes from my last experience 5 years ago.
I cannot begin to tell you how helpful and supportive and amazing Monica has been. I see her daily, she constantly helps us and always asks us if we need anything. She's given us so many tips, helpful advice, and has really been with us every step of the way. She's been so valuable to our tough experience with our preemie girls yet has given me the utmost confidence that with her help, I'm going to succeed in breastfeeding them both. She's so patient, supportive, and most of all so kind and sweet. She's such a valuable resource to your department.
I just wanted you to know that I'm so impressed with this unit and I commend the NICU and all the nurses, doctors, staff and most importantly Monica for their incredible help and support. I hope this will forever continue with your NICU!