Monica Ajibola
May 2021
DaVita Atlantis Hospital Services Division
DaVita Kissimmee Acutes
United States




She is a team player and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Monica is a true asset to our Team. She brings so much knowledge and experience to the Clinical Coordinator role. When Monica is in charge of the unit, there are busy days, but she always tries to make the best of the day for the Team. Her “can do” attitude is admirable. I have received many compliments regarding Monica from teammates, Clinical Coordinators, hospital staff, and HSCMs who have been present in the unit. I have listened to her answer the phone with a calm, helpful, caring voice when the activity of the day was swirling around her. Monica is a preceptor and has so much information to share with a new teammate and ensures that the teammate is competent before she allows them to go out on their own. She has mastered all modalities and is our “go-to” person for all problem-solving. Monica is trustworthy, engaged, accountable, and compassionate. Her actions and commitments align with the DaVita Way and organizational values. She truly cares about our patients and teammates. She is a team player and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. An example of this is when Monica was needed at another hospital to perform leukapheresis on a patient. She was the only teammate in the area who could perform this treatment. She coordinated the patient’s care with the Clinical Coordinator at the other facility and consequently left her home hospital, traveled to provide care to the patient which is approximately one hour away, and returned to her home hospital to help her fellow teammates complete a very busy day. She is always thoughtful and responsive to our patients, teammates, and hospital partners. Monica’s goal is to always ensure excellent patient care and uninterrupted daily operations to the best of her ability. She gives her best every day.